Our Story

"At ODARA, we are sowing the seeds of beautiful and healthy skin." 

derFormulating handmade skin care products


xx- Kerry Watson, Founder 

As a trained herbalist, aromatherapist, and licensed esthetician I've spent over 20 years deeply immersed in the world of natural skin and botanical ingredients. Frustrated with "natural washed" skin care products that weren't the type of natural that I was looking for, I started making my own face and body products using whole, unadulterated herbs, flowers, essential oils, hydrosols and carrier oils. 


In my work as a licensed esthetician I've often seen skin that has been over exfoliated, dehydrated and compromised by products that make claims and promises that just don't deliver. Helping people bring their skin back into a balanced state has become a calling for me.

Our skin care products should protect and support the skin's barrier function and microbiome. We have nearly 1 trillion beneficial bacteria that live on the surface of our skin. These bacteria are responsible for loads of important functions that keep our skin healthy including cleaning up cellular waste, eating dead skin cells and protecting us from harmful micro-organisms. Skin care products that strip the skin of it's protective barrier exposes us to toxins that upset the balance of the skin's complex microbiota.

At ODARA we are committed to making products that address the ever changing needs of the skin. By feeding the skin the foods it needs to be healthy, we nourish the skin, helping it to be at it's best through all the changes happening in our lives. Seasons, travel, new climates and environments can all effect the needs of our skin. The products we make at ODARA repair, support and protect the skin through all the changes happening around and within us.

All ODARA products are hand made using the highest quality botanical ingredients from around the world using certified organic and wild crafted ingredients where available.