ODARA hydrating toner for dry skin

Balancing Toner 100ml

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our beautiful toner will hydrate and refine the texture of your skin. it will also bring the skin back to it's natural slightly acidic state which works to maintain the skin's delicate protective barrier called the acid mantle. 

ingredients: rose hydrosol*, frankincense hydrosol**, rosemary hydrosol*, clary sage hydrosol*, blood orange hydrosol, champa hydrosol, aloe vera gel*, vegetable glycerine*, lactobacillus ferment, lavender essential oil, blood orange essential oil, rose essential oil, vetiver essential oil

*signified certified organic ingredient
**signifies wild crafted ingredient

directions: to apply either spray directly on cleansed skin or spray onto a clean cosmetic pad and swipe onto the skin in an even layer. this product can be combined with the our herbal clay facial scrub & mask for a super-charged botanically active skin loving experience. use within 6 months of purchase. this is a fresh botanical product containing minimal plant-based preservatives.

ingredient spotlight: rose hydrosol is beneficial for every skin type and concern. it has skin firming properties and delivers collagen supporting vitamin c gently. it has a toning, astringent effect on the capillaries making it especially useful for sensitive or ruddy complexions. It's anti-microbial action helps to improve acne prone skin and prevent inflamed breakouts.