ODARA Ingredient Spotlight - Rose Hydrosol

If you aren't familiar with what a hydrosol is you might want to first check out our blog post about them.

One of my favorite hydrosols is also probably the most well known. It's rose hydrosol, sometimes called rose water. Rose hydrosol is beneficial for every skin type and concern. It has skin firming properties and gently delivers collagen supporting vitamin c to the skin. It has a toning, astringent effect on the capillaries making it especially useful for sensitive or ruddy complexions. It has an anti-microbial action that helps to improve acne prone skin and prevent inflamed breakouts. 

Organic rose hydrosol can be found in our Clarifying Oil Cleanse, Balancing Toner, Nourishing Moisturizer. Try any and all of these gorgeous products to see first hand what rose hydrosol in combination with other powerful pure plant ingredients can do for your skin.