DIY Toxin Free Deodorant Recipe

Most commercial deodorants contain harmful ingredients like aluminum (anti-persperiant) and parabens (chemical preservatives). Here's a simple and effective recipe that is free of harmful and synthetic ingredients.

Here's what you'll need:

4oz empty glass spray bottle

 1oz vodka

12 drops essential oil (or essential oil blend)

3 oz plant hydrosol (rose geranium, lavender, rosewater, sandalwood, etc)

small funnel

eye dropper

Directions: Fill the 4oz empty spray bottle until it is about 1/4 full with your vodka, add about 12 drops of your essential oils. Shake it up to combine. Now fill the rest of the bottle up with your hydrosol. shake it up again (it may take a while for the e.o. to fully disperse int the product). Viola! You just made your very own all natural, essential oil based deodorant :)