Herbal Medicine for the Skin

At ODARA we believe that whole unprocessed plant ingredients contain everything that the skin needs to maintain it's highest level of health and beauty.

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ODARA is everything you could ever want in a skincare line. It's created by a wonderful woman, uses natural ingredients, smells delightful, and is good for acne prone skin. My skin breaks out from almost everything and I have worked with Kerry (owner and creator) on clearing it up and keeping it acne free for the past few years. I am therefore hesitant to try new products, but when I learned of ODARA I knew it would be safe and was excited to try it. 
I've been using the oil cleanser and moisturizer for a few months and couldn't be happier. It brings a whole new experience to practicing good self care. Keep up the good work Kerry! I'm your biggest fan!

Emily A.

i used the nourishing moisturizer and i am in LOVE. so good! 
i spent a good portion of the year outside and had messed up the texture of my skin from not taking care of it too well. lots of sun and lots of dry cold.
after a few days of the moisturizer, my skin was renewed and glowing. i am prone to acne and it has not broken me out at all. i'm a pretty snotty health nut and am very cautious and skeptical of a lot of ingredients, but when i saw all the essential oils and really balanced mix of oils i was so excited to try it. there is a definite therapeutic quality to this moisturizer.
 i cannot express how much i love this product!
Just ordered my third round of the nourishing moisturizer!!! So excited! Has lasted me a couple months using 2 times a day! Really really love this product!

Chase C.

It is my #1 recommendation for all skincare types. Made in the U.S.A. by the talented Kerry Watson. I can't say enough about how grateful my clients have been since switching to this natural skincare line. Simple and natural is best. Love the skin you're in! <3 Master Esthetician

Brittany N.